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Letting Go 2013. ISBN: 9780803737686
Stoeke remains a master of understatement, delivering the book’s
moments of slapstick humor (including several apple assaults from
above) and quiet contemplation with equal aplomb.

Pip's Trip 2012. ISBN: 0803737084
The economy and humor of the text combined with a lovely message
make this book a winner. -- Starred review, School Library Journal

he Loopy Coop Hens, 20118  ISBN:0525421904
Personality, emotion, humor, story—all fairly leap from the flat acrylic
double-page spreads. The hens’ unconditional big love for Rooster Sam
is both funny and sweet, and the “nobody’s perfect” message is delivered
with a light hand. Still, readers will giggle (along with Midge, Pip, and Dot)
when at book’s end the adulated Sam, strutting for the ladies, trips over
a stick. -- Horn Book

It's Library Day 2008. ISBN: 978-0525479444
Rhyming text -- in a large font suitable for emergent readers -- and
colorful illustrations nicely tell this clear, straightforward story. -- Kirkus

Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve, 2007, ISBN:0525478574
Even small listeners can enjoy the mistakes Minerva Louise, a hen, is
making as she sizes up Christmas. Up on the rooftop? Goats, "And the
goats have put on their fanciest horns for the party." Minerva may not
know from reindeer, but her happiness is larger than the limits of her
database. -- Chicago Tribune

Bus Stop, 2007, ISBN:0525478051
The quiet cheerfulness of the characters' expressions and body language
will help calm readers' fears about their own first school-bus-riding
experiences. With short, rhythmic phrases and clean, simple artwork, this
picture book accomplishes what it sets out to do. -- Booklist

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs, 2006 ISBN: 0-525-47633-4
"Stoeke`s charmingly naïve chicken`s Easter story is, perhaps, her best
yet. This will be a staple of spring storytimes for years to come. Where
she has her fans, multiple copies will be a must.." --Kirkus Reviews

Waiting for May, 2005 ISBN: 0-525-47098-0
This book is just wonderful. It is a great preparation for any child who is
waiting for a sibling to be adopted. It is a heart-warming story that talks
about the adoption process, the waiting, and the emotions that go along
with it, from a child's perspective.  This book is uplifting, sweet, and really
gives a waiting sibling an idea of what to expect throughout the process
of adoption. I highly recommend it! -- Adoptive Mom

Minerva Louise, 1988  ISBN: 0-525-443746
“Perfect for preschool storytime.” —Kirkus Reviews

A Hat for Minerva Louise, 1994  ISBN: 0-140-55666-4
“A rare find . . . exactly on target for Preschoolers.” —The Horn Book.

Minerva Louise at School, 1994  ISBN: 0-525-45494-2
"Delightful...Minerva Louise's goofy perceptions and enterprising spirit are
sure to tickle preschoolers." --Kirkus Reviews

A Friend for Minerva Louise, 1997 ISBN: 0-525-45869-7
“ . . . pictures as light-hearted and charming as the tale.” —Kirkus

Minerva Louise at the Fair, 1998  ISBN: 0-525-46439-5
"This hen deserves a blue ribbon.” — School Library Journal

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck, 2002  ISBN: 0-525-46909-5  "Stoeke
has successfully taken her charming chicken on yet another fun
adventure.”—– School Library Journal
— School Library Journal

Minerva Louise and Her Farmyard Friends, 2000  ISBN: 0525463291
A sticker story book in which you write the story yourself!

Hunky Dory Ate It, ISBN: 0525448470
Hunky Dory Found It, ISBN: 0-525463291

Hide and Seek, ISBN: 0525461892
Rainy Day, ISBN: 0525461892

Five Little Kitty Cats, ISBN: 0525457399
One Little Puppy Dog, ISBN: 0525457402

Lawrence, ISBN: 0-525-44602-8
“ . . . even the bravest little ones will enjoy Stoeke's upbeat tale and her
bold, delightfully unaffected illustrations. — Publisher’s Weekly
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