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Janet Morgan Stoeke
school visits
Janet Morgan Stoeke's work as an author and
illustrator began with a dream. She woke up
remembering a chicken sitting on her windowsill. A
month later, when she became aware of a children's
book contest, she knew that the image from her dream
was the kernel of an idea she wanted to use for a
story. Minerva Louise, her blithe, funny hen was born in
the wee hours as she juggled graduate school and full
time work at a magazine. Just barely making the
deadline for the contest, her submission beat out all
the others and won her a publishing contract.
Her fine art paintings have a seriousness that belies
this well-documented comedic streak. A new series
named "Solace" documents and honors skies and
other long views that have helped people in times of
She holds creativity workshops, classes and open
studio hours; drawing in artists from the community
affords lively and profound creative interaction.
Ms Stoeke appears at conferences, schools and
libraries to talk about her books. (see School Visits)
She meets with seniors who would like help with their
college essays. (see Well Chosen Words)

And she paints.


Children's Book Author and Illustrator  

Essay Coach
"Oh No! A Fox!" will be released in August.
Here is what Kirkus says about it:
"Farce usually needs a lot of gears and
wheels within wheels to find its climax, but
Stoeke, with scant text and a reduced line
and palette, carries it delightfully
forward...Midge, Pip and Dot prove that we
can all be heroes."

Wakefield,  40 X 30 inches, oil.   2014
Distinct Approaches,  36 X 40 inches, oil.   2010
For Mom,  30 X 40 inches, oil.   2014
1968 24 X 18 inches, oil.   2014
Fall pond, 30 X 24, oil. 2014